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Cool canyon. Did it after Cassidy and lunch so the approach was absurdly hot but the canyon and hike out was nice.

Rappels just okay. Slot was tight.

Did this with Maddie, Sam, Kylie, Kate, Rob. Passed that photography tour group on the hike in. Long hike in, scramble up to the saddle wasn’t too tough & amazing views. Wasn’t sure what was the stegosaur. Slabby first rappel, did the whole way on rope with a short scramble down after. Replaced the webbing on the first rap, it was wearing at the bolts & the water knot. Brushy for a little while, Kylie went back for her gloves at some point. Second short rap possibly is downclimbable? Second anchor set up as a rap 3 pull 2 on a tree far back, separate from the one high left LDC. We used that one which is a tougher pull, but Maddie went last on a double strand to make it smoother. After that the narrows started!! We didn’t even notice the downclimb, this was all fun and good practice but nothing sketchy. Had lunch in an opening, saw some other people up on the rim - south fork? Last rappel set up on a slab start on a bush, there’s an extra single strand of webbing that’s unnecessary. Short hike out from there! Took us 4.5 hours car to car.





Fun scrambles! Would be much better with the correct size pull cord, but still a good time. The squeezes were a bit spooky


Excellent Canyon the views on the entrance hike are incredible. The "Up" portion of the approach to north fork has an anchor at the top so that beginners can be belayed. We had 1 beginner with us and I would have used it had I known it was there. That section is somewhat exposed. Raps were simple and easy but the slot section was a blast. Group size of 4 took us a little over 4 hours at a leisurely pace. Overall a fun canyon. Ill have to make it to the south fork next time.


short average canyon. possible to dc last rap

Fun with Bridget and Conor

super tight section, easy rappels

Approach is fantastic, exit is fantastic. The canyon itself is short and not particularly interesting in my opinion. The rappels are very straightforward. The first anchor is bolted, and the rappel is down a slanted sandstone wall that is inclined just beyond the limit of a downclimb IMO. The second rap, at the exit, is ok, nothing special. The OP (Ryan) notes that there is a rap mid-canyon. This is true, but as of this trip there is a log set-up that allows for a downclimb. If this log is not present, a rap is advised and doable, as there are many natural anchors. I found the tight section to be doable too - at 5'9", 185lbs, I could slither through this section save for one part, towards the end, that is very tight but easily stemmable. Keep in mind I did this canyon solo, having to lug my backpack and rope bag through the tight spot, and did not find it scary. Red Breaks is tighter. All this said, while I enjoyed the canyon, I am not sure why it gets such high marks. The scenery is world-class, the canyon is really quite meh.


Three in our group today. Great weather with no sun due to lots of cloud cover; minor threat of rain but barely a drop. Anchors and webbing in good condition; no need to replace anything today (be sure to check yourself and have material to replace if necessary). Very little water in the slot portion; could stem over. First stemming experience for 2 of us today and it went fine with a little coaching.


Good views and nice hike very skinny narrows

Kept trying to turn into canyons too soon keep going until you see the big amazing trees! Took awhile to find first anchor jay only beat me to it because I was helping sam lol. Don't forget the knots at the end of the ropes. Couldn't find second repel shimmied down a dead tree. Then into narrow awesome walls stemmed high above with pack dangling between legs.

long hike, short canyon. went with a big group of beginners. over all beautiful!


Better than I was expecting, a nice day out hiking in Capitol Reef with some nice stemming work thrown in.

Got out in the nick of time before it started to rain. A big hunk of snow was still in the canyon bottom