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Great Canyon to beat the heat. Water is flowing most of the time and you are in shade for a lot of it so it’s at least 20° cooler than the rest of the valley. This time I took 2 1/2 hours, but I was clearing out the path from dead branches, using the Stick of Justice. The road up has a lot of sharp rocks that make me a little nervous and sometimes the center rut is high to where I’m nervous. I’m going to be hitting the bottom of my Hyundai Sonata, but it’s doable.

Monday, October 16 – On our way out of town, we decided to check out Conundrum and were pleasantly surprised. The road conditions were great, and we parked at the recommended trailhead and continued down the gravel road. You could quickly shuttle this canyon with multiple vehicles. The canyon starts at Crescent Creek and gradually becomes deeper and more interesting. The fall leaves were changing, and the brilliant yellows against the red rock cliffs looked amazing! The only rappel is over a 50-foot manmade log dam, and it’s rigged on an old industrial truck tire. There was some flow over the dam, and we got splashed by the water. After exiting the canyon, it was a short walk back to the trailhead parking. It took us two hours from car to car.



Was a rather mellow canyon. No real downclimbs. One rappel on a man made log dam. it is fine, but not a real canyon experience.

2.25 hours in November. Solo. Was trying to stay dry, so it slowed me down a lot. After the repel I got wet, so I started to move faster through the water.


Fun with a rappel down a log jam waterfall. Did with Doug and Bence

2 Hours with Pico and Dwight. Beautiful canyon. Wet from log dam down. Drought year! Wear neoprene socks next time. We looped rope around tree trunk far back from rappel and needed all of 70 meters.


Fun canyon!! agree it is not a destination, but still fun. We exited prematurely, as our GPS didn't work down in the canyon, and we found an easyish route up on the left in a wider section (about half way through) and thought that to be the exit. Kept a wary eye out for poison ivy, but did not see any, which surprised us. definitely got wet, even in this time of year

If I'm honest the canyon was beautiful in parts, great in the heat but for me I prefer others in this area. It is definitely worth doing at least once and the rappel was interesting!

Great canyon. Did not psychologically prepare ourselves for rappelling through the waterfall in November. :) Path in narrow part of canyon was cut off by a rattlesnake, which was quite stressful and required some creativity.

**1-3 Hours

family hit

2.15c2c,NnDnP, ankle deep despite drought. log dam is vertical and slippery. Rap was in a light waterfall into a crotch deep pool. Used full 70 from huge tree anchor. VERY pretty, not squeezy but narrow.