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3 trip Little Wild Horse Canyon / Bell Canyon - San Rafael Swell
Date: 03/20/2017
This is a great canyon that I wish was harder to get to. We arrived fairly early and avoided most of the crowd, but it was a VERY family friendly and on the way back we encountered hoards of families, tour groups, and dogs. As for the canyon itself, it is gorgeous. A great introduction to slots that does not require any technical equipment or expertise. We didn't bother with the loop and just went up LWH and back. Recommended visit off season to avoid the crowds, unless you have a minivan full of kids and need something a little more after visiting Goblin Valley.
1 trip Morocco Canyon - North Wash
Date: 03/04/2017
A little more water than we bargained for! We were prepared for a little wading, but not chest deep. That made it a little chilly, but it was a great canyon. Took two beginners and we did fine. The approach was fun as well. Every rap had webbing on it already.
1 trip Goblin's Lair - Goblin Valley
Date: 03/03/2017
Fun approach and good introduction to rappelling if going with beginners. Anchor is straightforward and the chamber is impressive.
3 trip4 trip Goblin Valley - Southern Swell
Date: 03/03/2017
Good family fun, lots of open space to walk around and explore. I wouldn't call it a destination trip though.
1 trip Angel Slot - Angel Point
Date: 03/03/2017
Awesome canyon! Nice and steep, deep and dark and the view at the end was awesome. The return hike is equally steep. All of the raps were fixed already. Watch out for that first rap though, very awkward.
4 trip Black Dragon Wash - San Rafael Swell
Date: 03/12/2016
Very impressive canyon and the rock art is a bonus! Just park at the mouth of the canyon and walk up. We've done this twice now with kids. Lots of space to run around.


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