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Hog 4 three star Bottom hog 1 4 star fun tight rap into slot w h2O


Hogs 4, 3 and 2.

Baconator! We did all 4 hogs about 10 hours 3 tines climbers exit final exit was gully. Lots of loos rock on the gully. Prefer the climbers exit!

Did Hog #4 Miss Piggy with Tammy Tucker and Jared Hillhouse

Greg and I did Hog 2 and made friends with Kris and Cory along the way. Bushwacky on the approach and the short cut exit up to the canyons was terrifying at the beginning. Scary deadman anchor for the first rappel because of the length of the webbing but the rap definitely wasn't as long as it said online. Rappelled through the birth canal, which was the toughest part of the route. Parked at the hog springs rest area and then did the exit hike up the gully to the high clearance parking area with Kris and Cory. 7 hours car to car. What an adventure!

Did hog 1 with Eric juhl Nahuel and Val. Way cooler than I thought and tight.

Hog 1 with Maddie & Sam, 6.5 hrs all day Sat. Took the climber’s shortcut, couldn’t have done that without Sam.

Did Hog 2 - Canyon is a lot of fun! Birth canal is initially a little intimidating, but with the right leaders, ends up being easily conquered and is an impressive and beautiful ending.


Hog 2 with Jim Firstbrook. Out the short exit. Awesome! (Short exit has a few 5.4 moves at the very bottom)

Did Hog #3 Razorback with Gus, Dan, Chad, Alysen, and Jordan



hog1,6.5h c2c, favhog!5*,me.pi.bri.krfelix.toni.rob,huge slog deproach with a belay@exit lip(left),25ft.high stemming for rob&bri, long canyon, not scary but kinda tight & physical.

Hog 2 was fun. Hog 1 just ok. Definitely do 2 routes cut the hike out is a lot.

Went with Kaden, Flo and LG. Did Hog 2 first, straightforward and easier than the others. Climbed the prow between Hog 1 and 2 (10' of 5.6 climbing to gain the ridge). Boss Hog was about the same as last time - physical, dry and fun!

Hog 1 and 3 were lots of fun

Three in party. One very experienced, his daughter with good experience and healthy respect for the dangers, and me, only 3rd day on rope. Did shuttle, left one vehicle down at Hog Springs recreation area, drove the other up atop Trachyte and camped for the night right at the end of the 2WD path that forks north off the main dirt road immediately east of the solar panels/water pump station. Began around 0700, walked x-country to the head of Hog #2, then began the descent there. Plenty of pre-set webbing anchors, one sketchy one was using a large rock jammed behind a small pothole lip, other than that the anchors in place were all serviceable. Lots of stemming. At least for me. I was wearing a small Osprey waterbag, and preferred to bring it around to the front and bridge/stem my way along maybe 1000' of slot in total, in 100-300' spurts. No flowing water. Rock temps were very comfortable. The beta we had on the "birth canal" did not prepare us for the challenge. First one (the experienced one) went down w/o belay and actually got stuck at ribcage (for a few puckering minutes) between the opposite walls, in the dark, feet dangling. He was hung up because of some equipment on his harness. Took some squirming to release himself, but the two of us behind were already trying to figure out how to help him - he was around a corner, down about 15' and 15' or so above the pool at the bottom. Once he was safe down and out of the water on a little sandbar, we slid the packs down the rappel rope to him, and only got one snagged for a few min due to the turn. Then his daughter descended, with him on belay, she seemed to do ok, so I went last, and brought the rope tail with me to recover the main line. By then, my adrenaline was all used up, as was the daughter's, and decided that we'd not do another Hog today. % ^) The reeds and poison ivy and scrub were thick, made walking down wash hard, some places there'd been no one and no critter for some time, plenty of spots where the water was ankle/calf deep. Got down to parking area, total elapsed time was about 6 hours. Really beat, scratched up, and worn out. Shuttled back up to where my truck was, then began the drive back to PHX. Got home just a few min after midnight this am. Next time I'd prefer a canyon that doesn't have the thick vegetation to weed-wack through!!!


Did this canyon with John and Colby. It was a very fun canyon but it was a long hike/climb out

Did hog 1 and 2 in one day. Easy day and great canyons worth going back for 3 and 4. A couple 5.7 moves to an anchor for the shortcut. No biggie.

Hog 1 and exit gulch hike

Started at 11 from the car. We did Hog 2 first. This one had lot's of good downclimbing. The "Birth Canal" at the end was very memorable. The rappels were wide and open and easy to move through. Weston did great on his first real climbing canyon. The canyon descended very quickly and got deep fast. I liked the rhythm of the tighter sections followed by small open section. The climb back to the rim had a coupe sketchy spots that I didn't care for. It was helpful to have some good climbers along. We were back on the rim at 2:45. We decided to do Hog 1, The Boss Hog next. This one was tighter than the first and required some tight stemming. It was helpful to have partners help with backpack management but not mandatory. The final rappel at the end was very photogenic. The climb out was loose and steep but fine with careful footing. We were back to the car at 6. So 7 hours car to car for two hogs with lots of snack and photo breaks. I would do either of these again!

1 & 3

We did hog one it was a pretty good Canyon with a heinous hike out I would do a car shuttle for the other Canyons

Hog 4 Miss Piggy. Kevin, Kelly, Mike. Didn’t read up on the exit and had to hitchhike from Hog Springs to campsite.

Completed Hog 2 with Tom Bugg and Steven Wagner

Hog 2 first, then hog 1


Started Ms. Piggy around 10 am. Dropped down into Hog 1 and exited ~ 1:30 pm. Drew solo'ed up the shortcut route and built a handline for the rest of us. Entered Hog 2. Anchor was in place for final down climb in birth canal. Need to go back for the down climb experience!

Did 1 the first day. Then did 4 & 2 the second day. After doing 2 we bushwhacked down to hog springs. Would not recommend. Also ran into poison ivy. Maybe we missed the trail? Didn't get to see the waterfall and the pool was gross, found a little pool on the way to hog springs for a dip

2nd Solo Canyon, Hog 1

Canyon itself was fun, exit scramble was god awful. Would not do a hog again unless using a shuttle or trying the shortcut route.

Hog 2, shortcut exit. awesome!


Long approach.

Hog #2 (3.5hrs) all dry

Hog 3 from top / miss piggy, hike out to top.

We did hog 1 and 2! Hog two has an epic finish through the birth canal! #1 is technical and super fun!

Hog 1: tight, technical Hog 2: More fun, sketchy rock pile first rappel, cool final exit move through "birth canal"

all 4 < 8 hours, car to car

Completed Hog 3 with Hannah Chipman, Will Oborn, and Sierra Myers. Dropped in accidentally when aiming for Hog 2.

Bitterly cold day. Finally extracted ourselves from fire to go do Hog 2. Parked at Hog Springs and went up the shortcut exit. Didn't find anything close to a 40m abseil. Our longest was about 15m. Great day in the end despite some lost hardware in the final chute.

Hog #1 (5hrs 20min) exited wrong gully

Hog2 and Miss Piggy are dry and in great shape. Fun canyons. Bring your long sleeves.

did hog 2 then hog 1, a day trip from provo. hog 1 was siginifivantly more sustained and physical than 2. the exit route was impossible to follow let up a very steep gully, i would recomend the climbers exit, very easy.

Hog 1 & 2. The first rappel on Hog 2 didn't seem as long as described. Really great exit through the "birth canal"! Hog 1 had us using a hand line a few times. It was tighter than I was expecting, but really fun!

Did all but Hog 3 over two days. A bit nippy in the shadows in December, but fortunately all water was avoidable. Hog 1 tighter/squeezier then we were expecting but still a lot of fun. 4 or 2 were our favorites.


Hog 3

We did hog 2. We must have missed the long first rappel. The exit can you had some of the most challenging terrain.


Did Hog 1 and 2. Hog 2 was awesome! great downclimbing at the exit, exciting blind rap to a pool, and crazy 1st rap from a deadman.


3 & 4

1 & 2

hog 2 only, 3.75 hrsC2C-biffed entry twice! Ryan traverse is sketch, Kelsy(walk out to ridge on RDC and down slickrock to a bit below R1) is good. 100ft. rope &100ft. pull-cord, headlights, very tight squeeze-claustrophobic! exit upclimb is a hump!