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3 trip Wolfman Panel - Cedar Mesa
Date: 02/14/2022
Easy well preserved. Done a few years ago
3 trip Moab Maiden - Kane Creek
Date: 02/06/2022
Nice hike. Maiden is on the rock’s backside
3 trip Walnut Knob Panel - Cedar Mesa
Date: 05/14/2021
Great rock art mostly on back of rock
3 trip Cold Springs Cave / Eagles Nest Ruins - Comb Ridge
Date: 05/07/2021
Done in 2021 very nice.
4 trip Black Dragon Wash - San Rafael Swell
Date: 04/21/2021
Returned because it was so nice
3 trip Petroglyph and Double Arch (Spirit Arch) Canyons - Eastern Reef
Date: 04/20/2021
Went up the first canyon as well. Not to scenic. Right canyon is well signed. Nice panel. Hard to photograph arch
3 trip4 trip Over Under Ruins - Cedar Mesa
Date: 04/09/2021
Didn’t go to it as it was late already
3 trip Double Stack Ruin - Comb Ridge
Date: 04/06/2018
Lot of handprints and nice ruins
3 trip Split Level and Ridge Ruins - Comb Ridge
Date: 04/05/2018
Trouble finding trailhead. Then easy walk great ruin
3 trip Lower Butler Wash - River Panel - Comb Ridge
Date: 04/04/2018
Beautiful hike down the canyon with several panels and ruins. Confluence great
4 trip Sand Island Petroglyph Panel - Bluff
Date: 04/01/2018
Did this in Two parts on two different days
4 trip Dutchman Arch - Locomotive Point - San Rafael Swell
Date: 06/17/2017
Head of Sinbad and the Sinbad Pair are a couple of enchanting glyphs. Lots of detail and in great shape. Dutchman Arch was impressive.
3 trip4 trip Burpee Dinosaur Quarry - Hanksville
Date: 06/10/2017
Long ride Nice areas
4 trip Wedge Overlook - Northern Swell
Date: 06/09/2017
Nice camping.
4 trip Black Dragon Wash - San Rafael Swell
Date: 06/08/2017
Absolutely the best
4 trip Buckhorn Wash Art Panels - San Rafael Swell
Date: 06/08/2017
Amazing. The absolute best
4 trip Swasey's Cabin - Central Swell
Date: 06/07/2017
Nice area. Went up to Eagle Arch
4 trip Lone Warrior Pictograph - Central Swell
Date: 06/07/2017
3 trip Rochester Art Panel - Moore
Date: 06/06/2017
Amazing panel. Several others as well
4 trip Snake and Juggler Panel - Moore
Date: 06/06/2017
The snakes were impressive. Could not find the juggler
3 trip Chute Canyon - Southern Swell
Date: 04/12/2017
Did Chute Canyon to the end. Got stopped by a deep pool in Crack Canyon
4 trip Temple Mountain Panels - Eastern Reef
Date: 04/12/2017
Panels are half set rued by rock fall
3 trip Little Wild Horse Canyon / Bell Canyon - San Rafael Swell
Date: 04/11/2017
Super. One of the best
4 trip Sand Island Petroglyph Panel - Bluff
Date: 04/08/2016
The first part
3 trip Procession Panel - Comb Ridge
Date: 04/07/2016
Lot of trouble following trail. Fantastic panel
3 trip Upper Butler Wash & Target Ruin - Cedar Mesa
Date: 04/06/2016
First big ruin called Ball Room. Ladder gone by 2016. Didn’t find target ruin
3 trip Fish Mouth Cave Ruins - Comb Ridge
Date: 04/06/2016
Several ruins before the cave.
3 trip Monarch Cave Ruins - Comb Ridge
Date: 04/06/2016
Restoration and preservation kept us out of the ruin
4 trip Mule Canyon Towers - Cedar Mesa
Date: 04/05/2016
Very windy day
3 trip South Fork of Mule Canyon - Cedar Mesa
Date: 04/04/2016
House on fire looks best about 9:00 or 10:00
3 trip4 trip Natural Bridges National Monument - Cedar Mesa
Date: 04/03/2016
An all time favorite. Has it all ruins art and bridges
3 trip4 trip Goblin Valley - Southern Swell
Date: 04/15/2012
Went with Adam or Bryce
3 trip Sundance Trail - Dark Canyon
Date: 04/01/2000
Did this trail twice. In 2000 went down Woodenshoe Canyon and up Sundance. In 2001 went up and down Sundance. Just about the hardest trail I’ve ever done


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