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Had to swim a good portion of it and rarely got out of the water completely

Over-land apprach took 5 of us 12 hrs car to car with a good long swim in the escalante while waiting for some longer shadows. Canyon was REALLY dry. Ankle deep for the first sacrificial leader and then everyone else can keep their feet nice and dry.

Awesome Canyon but long approach. Was super dry. Would be tougher with higher water level.

Rough date- with Ben


Long approach, long exit, lots of loose sand. But the final rappel makes it all worth it.



Did the canyon all in one day from the golden cathedral trailhead. The water was cold, would not attempt without a wetsuit. Rappelling into golden cathedral was unforgettable. I will definitely do it in two days when I go again.

Went with Long John Horton, Eric Harrison, and Mark Hartner. We camped at the mouth of the canyon. Started at noon, finished at 4:30 pm. Keeper pothole was half full, not too hard to escape.

Descended with Nate Gregory, Aleah Gregory, Mandi Christensen, and Jeremy

Great views the entire time! Quite a long day having 7 people but we got back before dark and in good spirits! The water was pretty cold but there were pockets of sunshine in the right places after the swimming sections!

amanda and liz, with jake

09/22/2018 Great trip

Hiked in on the direct route, then stashed our overnight gear near the river since we were planning on doing Chop the next day. Maybe 2 hours down to river. Then maybe 1.5 hours up to canyon head. Some threatening weather appeared, so we took an hour nap waiting for it to clear up before entering canyon. Canyon was extremely dry - no wetsuits were necessary. Maybe two spots were at least on person needs to get wet. Last rappel is classic. Afterwards filtered H20 from pool at last rap since the river was murky, then headed up to Fence Canyon campsite, which took around 1 - 1.5hr with some bushwhacking. Whole day was around 10 hours total.

Waist deep at deepest forest keeper was full keeper but easily exited with pack Toss and shoulder stand, good practice second was dry and filled with sand. Water was waist deep at the deepest no wetsuits needed

Low water levels - no wetsuit required. Deepest water was roughly waist deep and intermittent sun in the canyon kept things warm. Did "More Fun" Entry/North Fork and it was absolutely worth it for the extra quarter mile we hiked. The semi-keeper turned out to be a true keeper (with an easy rappel around it) and we moved right through the actual KPH without actually noticing it. Great canyon...I just wish we had gotten to swim



8.5 hours car to car including over an hour for lunch at the Golden Cathedral. A little confused when we ascended out of canyon as the track didn't match the description seemed to be a more direct way up. Entered at north fork, 2 hours to do the canyon section. Plenty of water.

10hrs (Dan and Brenda)

Very full of water and such a different canyon than it is when dry. The last keeper is probably covered by 10 feet of water. Still beautiful as ever!

yeah!!! what a slog, but totally worth it, loved it all! a 7am start hike from the car got us great light for the rap. navigation was easy for the prepared, place needs a trail though as it's just destroyed all over with footprints

Scott and I went through this. We dropped I to a side fork that was pretty awesome and which was prob the best part of the while canyon. It was super muddy and slick in the side fork. The golden cathedral was a a great rap.

Super pretty! Went with Cory and Murr. Got lost on the way back, and it was dark.

Greatful for wet suits water very cold climb far on bute before reah first repel anchored by large stand alone boulder

Great canyon, bring full wetsuit. Final rap area was a bit crowded due to a group raping in (sharing one helmet between everyone) to skip all of canyon and keeper pothole. We swam over the keeper


Canyon was wet for 2nd half. Glad we had our wetsuits. Definitely due it again.

First ever Rappel and canyon. Big intro


Entered in via the North Fork, narrow but well worth the first section. Really liked the pool before the v-slot entrance. 1st Pothole definitely a keeper. Could be bypassed by the bolt or a pack toss.

Went with a group of 10 and did great even though it was a big number. Did the canyon 2 weeks earlier and replace all webbing then so all was good. Bypassed the upper keeper again. Not going to do that again. Time to do it!! We backpack in and make 2 days out of it. One day we will do choprock on the same trip.....need some experience first!

My first canyon ever! Along with my son's made for a great experience for sure! Had an experienced member of the Page search and rescue team take us through. Bypassed the first keeper. Did it without a wet suit and was fine. The women in our group wore farmer janes without the top. Did it again two weeks later.....




w MW sometime in May 2013


Awesome - one of the best


did with Saddlefest crew, fun


very dry, keeper easy with partner assist (high sand level, 6ft from bottom to lip at most)

Left trailhead at 7 am; returned at 8:30 pm. The trip is long but worth it. The last climb out to the rim just about did me in. Neon is a lot of fun and the Golden Cathedral is amazing.


loved this so much. I had a successful pack toss to escape the pothole, we worked it 2 additional ways with a stem- across and 3 man pyramid. The prettiness of the final rappel, the group I was with all made it amazing.